‘Delmar DivINe’ group plans $90 million rehab to house nonprofits in old St. Luke’s

May 12 2017 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A partnership led by former Build-A-Bear CEO Maxine Clark and a subsidiary of Chicago-based Clayco Inc. plans a $90 million rehab that will turn the old St. Luke’s Hospital on Delmar Boulevard into apartments and collaborative office space designed for nonprofit organizations. Delmar DivINe, as its backers call it, envisions 180,000 square feet of office space in its first phase for area nonprofits and community organizations as well as 160 apartments. Ground-floor retail space will house neighborhood businesses: a bank, restaurants, maybe a gym or an early childhood center.

Apr 04 2017 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Maxine Clark and Bob Fox Policy Institute at the Brown School officially opened with a launch event April 19 in Hillman Hall. The Clark-Fox Policy Institute is a center for public policy engagement. Its mission is to advance social and economic justice by working collaboratively to connect evidence-based policy solutions to public awareness, practitioner training and policy decision-making.

Feb 03 2017 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Louis development officials are considering two proposals to renovate the former St. Luke’s Hospital on Delmar Boulevard as offices, apartments and stores. Most recently the old hospital at 5535 Delmar was the site of St. Louis ConnectCare, which filed for bankruptcy in 2013. The city’s Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority owns the vacant building complex.

Feb 28 2016 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Aug 10 2015 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Building on a significant legacy of generosity and support to Washington University in St. Louis, business and civic leaders Maxine Clark and Bob Fox have committed $7.5 million for programs and facilities at the Brown School that will promote community engagement and bring sustained attention to significant policy issues in public education, public health, immigration, economic development, child well-being and other areas.