Blueprint4 Platforms

The family of Blueprint4 platforms serve as easy-to-use web tools connecting families to valuable learning resources for summer camp, pre-college and college access summer programs, and career credentialing and apprenticeship programs. They were built with the support and partnership of many community leaders and donors who want kids to succeed.

It’s more than what happens in the classroom that adds up to a student receiving a great education. Fun and diverse learning opportunities ensure that youth and young adults will develop their own creative pursuits, expand their education, and prepare for career success. Our Blueprint platforms were designed to be an easy-to-use mobile tools that connect ALL  young people to a wide array of learning opportunities.

Blueprint4SummerSTL was launched in 2015 as an easy-to-use mobile tool that connects St. Louis metro area families to summer camps. It was built with the generous support and partnership of community leaders and organizations who want to help St. Louis-area kids succeed. Also launched in 2017 is Blueprint4Summer College Prep. Building on the success and technological infrastructure of Blueprint4SummerSTL, Blueprint4Summer College Prep aggregates information about pre-college and college access programming nationwide for St. Louis high school students. Newly launched in 2019, Blueprint4Careers continues to round out our family of platforms by hosting information about career credentialing and apprenticeship programs for middle skills careers.  

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