Mass Incarceration

Since 2015, the Clark-Fox Family Foundation has dedicated time and effort to developing an Ecosystem Map of the Mass Incarceration System in the United States and sharing it with community leadership in the form of presentations. The presentations are built around these maps and meant to convey the complexity of the system as well as its ability to be self-sustaining and impenetrable.


After the death of Michael Brown, the Foundation spent a significant amount of time researching the system of mass incarceration. The Foundation’s research has shown the ecosystem of mass incarceration to be an intentionally well-hidden system of oppression that needs to be exposed to the public, especially community, criminal justice, corporate, faith, educational, not-for-profit and political leaders. Explore the map below to learn more. You can zoom in and if you click on a specific arrow you will find supporting research links.

The Impact of Mass Incarceration Map

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Community Presentations

Community presentations are available for interested groups. The Foundation works to tailor each presentation to align with the audience’s focus area. If you would like to request a presentation, please reach out to Allie Cicotte, Director of Programs at Since beginning to give presentations the Clark-Fox Family Foundation has presented to over 7,000 key leaders in the state.

Additional Materials

Also check out the Foundation’s interactive St. Louis Regional Criminal Justice Resource Ecosystem Map to learn about organizations working here locally on these issues.