Share Our St. Louis Regional Resource Ecosystem Maps

Have you found our ecosystem maps to be a valuable tool for finding and sharing resources? We strongly encourage you to share our ecosystem maps on your website! This is a great way to share vital resource information with staff and community members.

How to include our regional resource ecosystem maps on your website:

  • Download the images to place on your website (right click on an image and select “Save As”)
  • When you place the images below on your website, use hyperlinks to redirect users to the interactive ecosystem maps on when they click on the corresponding image.
  • We recommend this method because it allows the ecosystem maps to be consistently up to date.
  • Struggling to add our ecosystem maps to your website, have suggestions, or need more information? Reach out to Allie Cicotte, Director of Programs at

Staff Training Resources:

In addition to placing our ecosystem maps on your website, we also recommend training staff on how to use the tools using our infographic and short training video below: