Delmar DivINe Website Promotes Project to Redevelop St. Luke’s Hospital Along Delmar Divide

Mar 24 2017 | nextSTL

The Delmar Click on the links below to learn more about the Clark-Fox Family Foundation’s initiatives that will set an example for community development, social improvement, and collaboration in St. Louis and the nation. The Delmar Divine transforms good intentions into an action plan for working together, intentionally and deliberately. This mixed-use development for social innovators provides office space, shared services and other resources for not for profits, foundations and community support organizations. The Delmar Divine will also feature approximately 160 apartments designed for the young, diverse professional, providing great and efficient spaces at reasonable prices. Through this initiative, this once neglected dividing line of St. Louis, infamously known as the Delmar Divide, will be transformed into the Delmar Divine.

Feb 03 2017 | nextSTL

The “Grand Missourian International”? The “Delmar Divine”? These are the aspirational names for a series of buildings that are anything but inspirational. The hodgepodge of buildings that constitute the abandoned St. Luke’s Hospital on Delmar Boulevard in the City of St. Louis has attracted some big names and big ideas.