St. Louis has a vast array of resources dedicated to homelessness in the region, but what many people fail to realize is the fact that all of these resources are interconnected.

Instructions for using the map:
1. Use the + button to zoom in on a specific section of the map
2. To move the map around, click and drag in the white space
3. Click on the name of an agency to see more details in the information panel (note: you need to click the red box that appears near the center of the name)
4. After clicking on an agency name, an information panel on the left will appear. You can see a short description and a link to the organization's website. To revert to the full map, click on the white space to hide the information panel.

Note: Red represents city-serving only organizations. Blue represents county-serving only organizations. Purple represents both city and county-serving organizations. Green represents organizations that serve other surrounding areas.